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We protect your assets, data and people.

Every industry presents its own unique challenges and complexities. First Choice Security takes pride in providing the highest level of protection and security. We work with a wide variety of industries—corporate, agricultural, manufacturing, hospitality and beyond—to ensure the infrastructure of assets, data and people are well protected.

Corporate Office

First Choice Security provides customized corporate security systems to provide flexible, inviting and safe work environments. We are mindful of the need for large collaborative areas and work to design solutions that are unique to the needs of the office space and meet compliance standards.


First Choice Security understands the ag industry is rapidly changing. We provide security systems for several types of agriculture facilitiesfrom growers and producers to suppliers and machinery sales—to ensure the protection of valuable assets and manage daily operations. 


First Choice Security provides manufacturing facilities with a safe environment for employees, which reduces injuries and improves efficiency. Our systems are designed to monitor production lines, mixing machines and packing equipment in real time to guarantee accuracy.


First Choice Security has experience with government environments that demand quality protection, price efficiency and ever-changing organizational demands. We design security solutions for cities, counties and government agencieskeeping a watchful eye while meeting the need of stakeholders.

hospitality & Retail

First Choice Security works with a wide variety of hospitality and retail organizations to enhance safety and security for both tenants, employees and guests. We provide options such as keyless entry, intercom systems, video surveillance and more to mitigate safety risks and maximize the experience.

Real Estate

First Choice Security understands the value of protecting your property. We work with a wide variety of owners and developers to design, manage and host security solutions, specific to your needs including access control, video surveillance, visitor management, intercom communications and more.


First Choice Security understands how important a strong school security system is to keep students, educators and the community safe. We provide solutions for visitor management, access control, video surveillance, centralized intercom communities and more to allow for inviting atmospheres that are well protected and secure.


In today’s world, hospitals and medical facilities need to be well protected. First Choice Security has the knowhow and experience to provide comprehensive, fully-integrated healthcare security solutions and smart tools to streamline and enhance care, while working to meet the requirements of local, state and federal security regulations.


From new construction design-build to bid-spec, First Choice Security works with general contractors and organizations to create security systems and solutions to maximize safety. We take an active roll in all aspects of the design and build phase to ensure security needs are met and installed on time and within budget.


Trusted Commercial Security

A sophisticated, comprehensive security plan for your business is key to protecting your assets. Without innovated technology and surveillance, your company is helpless against internal and external breaches or environmental threats.

First Choice Security is your partner for commercial security systems and solutions to protect your livelihood. We tailor our services to meet your needs and provide you with protection you can count on.


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