Advanced Emergency Response

Personal emergency response system (PERS), Mobile PERS (mPERS) & Lone worker

Regain Your Independence


We can help you regain your independence and freedom—while making your home safer and providing greater peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) keeps you connected with our monitoring centers 24/7, 365 days a year. We will be there for you!

Our monitoring center has individuals specially trained as PERS operators. They will be there to assist you in your times of need—or just to check in and see how things are going. Your Personal Emergency Response System includes a PERS emergency panic pendant that you wear, and we offer voice panic detectors that allow for hands free calls for help from anywhere in your home.

The Next Generation of Social Alarm is here!

Care@Home™ PERS+ by Essence is is an enhanced Social Alarm designed to bring innovative solutions for the growing population of seniors that wish to live independently at home, giving them extra confidence with advanced emergency alerting capabilities that include voice recognition and fall detection technologies.

Medical Alert Solutions

Important Health Care Needs

Medication Reminders:
Our operators can call you and remind you to take your medication.

If at any time you are distressed, the Personal Emergency Response System panic pendant device can notify our operator of an emergency—and we will immediately send help.

If our operators detect no movement for a predetermined period of time, an alarm is triggered and we immediately send help.

Fall Detector:
Our operators are even able to identify a possible fall and follow up with your contact list to ensure safety. If at any time there is an emergency or the need for any type of service, we’ll notify the proper authority and the contacts you have placed on your personal call list.

Key Features

Fits any home environment with personal monitoring
Care@Home™ PERS extended RF range of over 2000 ft., combined with reporting capabilities of extreme temperatures fits any home environment with personal alerting.

Simple to use and cost-effective
Care@Home™ PERS is simple to use and install (wireless, no drilling, DIY), has simple onsite-pairing capabilities, and enables service providers to remotely configure the system. Overall, this combination minimizes service providers’ professional personnel visits and truck rolls.

Scalable and expandable
The system can grow with your customers with new add-on services such as fire and flood safety detection for additional care and safety services. In addition, Care@Home™ PERS can be easily upgraded to the full Care@Home™ intelligent monitoring solution.

VPD – Voice Panic Detector

Always listening

Always analyzing

Recognizes key phrases

Advanced emergency detection and notification

  • Allows seniors to call for help from anywhere in their home and in any state of health
  • Enabled by Intelligent Voice Activation™, an always active voice recognition technology
  • Triggered by audible distress calls to activate emergency alerts
  • Uniquely integrated with Essence’s Care@Home Advanced Telecare platform
  • Scalable to provide more value and revenue opportunities to medical care providers

Personal Emergency Response Systems For Independent Living & Lone Workers

Hawk Alarm Systems provides employers reliable activity and emergency updates for monitoring lone workers.

Even in the toughest locations or environments, our devices deliver immediate two-way communication. With hands-free, two-way voice calls & GPS locating services in the event of a fall, lone workers have piece of mind that they are never truly alone in the field.

Regardless of risk the job site presents, 24-hour emergency communication provides the peace of mind every lone worker needs.


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